Our Story

Established  in 2016 under the impetus of Philippe Dessertine (Professor at the Institute of Business Administration, University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, Director of the Institut des Hautes Finances), Xavier Beulin (President of the Avril group and of the FNSEA - † ), and Thierry Blandinières (Managing Director Invivo), this chair has current partners: Paris I University - IAE Panthéon - Sorbonne, INRAE ​​and Invivo.


Since then, the chair has positioned itself as one of the main players in French research on Green Bonds, by its differentiating approach allowing to test the comparative performances of Green Finance products and traditional financial products.


Its objective is to explore all the ways of financing the agriculture of the future in a responsible, humanistic and competitive framework, including potential modifications to the European context of agricultural financing.


The work of the chair aims to:

  • Anticipate the investment needs of the agricultural sector in the context of taking into account the criteria for sustainable growth in agriculture.

  • Anticipate changes in the general conditions for financing investments (banking constraints and opportunities associated with all disintermediation systems).

The chair includes:

  • An economic and financial component, under the aegis of the University of Paris I - IAE Panthéon-Sorbonne, directed by Philippe Dessertine and his teams.

  • An agronomic research and development component, under the aegis of INRAE, directed by Hervé Guyomard and his teams.

Final objectives:

  • Define so-called "sustainable" financing issues intended (IAE Panthéon-Sorbonne section), and develop them until they are issued on the markets.

  • Associate this funding with scientific agronomic indicators envisaged by specific sectors and regions (INRAE component).