The Finagri Association

Nature of the Finagreen association

It was founded on [/ to be defined] 2020 in Paris between the members of the present statutes, an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901, with the name "FINAGREEN".


The purpose of the FINAGREEN association is:


• To study and promote the study and / or use of equipment, materials and / or practices having an effect and / or an objective of sustainable development, in any economic sector (and in particular in the agricultural sector ), in France, within the European Union, in Africa and in the world;


• To study and promote the development of any financing technique, in particular of financial and / or banking markets, primary or secondary, with a view to financing equipment, materials and / or practices having a development effect and / or objective. sustainable.


The duration of the FINAGREEN association is unlimited.


Finagreen is a private, non-commercial association, separate from the State and INRAE.


The Finagreen label consists of a partnership between:


- Academics;

- Actors of the agricultural industry (agricultural cooperatives, companies

- Food industry, agricultural equipment manufacturers, etc.);

- Financial market professionals;

- Investors;

- NGOs.

Recognition of the Label

The Commission considers that certification (label) is the most rational method for recognizing the application of the criteria defined by the taxonomy. She introduced the concept of ecolabel.


Within the framework of the eco-label as defined by the Commission (Ecolabel), the key elements are to assess when the underlying assets are linked to ecologically sustainable economic activities. Assets benefiting from the Finagreen label must therefore comply with these conditions and prove it.


There is therefore a need for Finagreen to be recognized. Different approaches have been initiated or are in the process of being:


• At European level;

• At the level of the Ministry of Agriculture in France;

• At the level of the EIB / EIF.

How do I support and participate in the project?

• Join the Finagreen association.

• Participate in Committees to support the concrete implementation of the label.

• Promote the label to the agricultural world (all types of farms).

• Promote new ideas that could materialize within the framework of the label.